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Augustus Gump -
The Management Secrets of T. John Dick

He's never wrong - never makes a mistake. And don't bother him with petty details like what his company actually makes. He's a man of vision, preoccupied with the big picture. And he's a man of supreme confidence in his own abilities, invisible to all but himself.           Find out more...

"You'll definitely laugh. And you may cry too, because T. John Dick is too close to the truth."
- Greensboro News & Record
268 Pages. Softcover.
ISBN 0-9708746-9-3
List price $12.95
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Augustus Gump -
The Rise and Fall of T. John Dick

Nobody has more confidence in the abilities of marketing executive T. John Dick than TJ himself. So when a bizarre series of events lands him in the hot seat at SuperPumps, Inc., he soon sets about firing anyone interfering with his ability to focus on the big picture by getting on his nerves. But even he is shaken by the treachery that puts SuperPumps in mortal danger. Maybe he shouldn't have fired everyone who could help him in his hour of need.
288 Pages. Softcover.
ISBN 978-0-9708746-8-9
List price $13.95
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Wille Thompson -
Scratch Golfer

All Web Daniels wanted to do was shoot par once in his life. Now he's grinding through a golf match where the side bets are a $20 million account, his job, and, as he just found out on his way to the seventeenth tee, his soul. Talk about pressure.                     Find out more...

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212 Pages. Hardcover.
ISBN 978-0-9708746-7-2
List price $21.95
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